Der Wind steht günstig, Flagge zu bekennen – Out with it now!

Es bewegt sich was in der Politik. Über das FTM-Portal erreichte mich folgende Anfrage:

Betreff: Request for input on transgender issues in EP Committees

Dear all,

Last 1 September you have participated in the conference ´Trans(Gender) Equality?´ This introductory conference raised many issues which were more or less new to (the Members of) the European Parliament. I have been thinking of different ways to use your valuable input in a constructive manner.

As you might know, the European Parliament deals with European issues through Committees. In total there are 24 committees ranging from topics like Legal Affairs, Environment, Public Health and Food Safety, till Culture and Education, Transport and Tourism and many more. See […] guage=EN for an overview and description. As many of the transgenders issues are covered by other Committees than the Women Rights and Gender Equality Committee I would like to ask for attention for concrete transgender issues in the other Committees of the European Parliament.

Therefore we would like to ask all of you, if you could indicate, as precise and short as possible, and preferably with examples, which concrete issues this Committee should take into account? Please review the overview of the Committees closely to see which topics are dealt with in which Committee.

Deadline for sending in input is Thursday 18 November 2010 12:00. With your input, combined with the input of a research that we requested, I will approach the Chairs of the different Committees and ask them to give attention for transgender issues raised.

Looking forward receiving your input.

Kind regards,
Marije Cornelissen

Member of the European Parliament
GROENLINKS (Dutch Greens)

Meine Antwort darauf ist folgende:

Request for input on transgender issues in EP Committees – my subjective input

Dear Marije Cornelissen,

If I were to tell you that I am a transsexual man, I would not be referring to a mental disorder, but rather I’d be talking about how my body’s sex doesn’t match my gender identity. It is simple: I was born with a birth defect (a vagina instead of a penis, and ovaries instead of testicles) and that’s it. My mind is in good health. However, my body is producing estrogen instead of testosterone because of my having wrong genitals.

In Germany, the rights for transgendered people are far better than those in other european countries. This potential law (written by an „expert“ ) that forces me to be hindered by „living as a woman“ and labeling transsexuality a mental disorder does not consider or properly address the human rights of transgendered people.

Who other than myself should know if I’m a man or a woman?

We are treated societally and medically as people with a mental disorder. This truly does hurt, and it causes psychological problems. That is because we have to wait and suffer for years, until our health insurance company is willing to bare the expenses for necessary procedures, such as surgeries. Health insurance requires records and documents, and obtaining them takes much time, because one must initially undergo legal proceedings.

In an ideal world, I’d like to be able to visit civil services to request to have my gender marker corrected, because my civil documents state I am female, which I have never been. Everyone should have the possibility to change his or her given name as easily as informing civil services about your new address after you moved.

If we could do away with such required expert evaluations, transgendered people could be helped more quickly and could be treated more like human beings. Then they could begin with a quality life worth living much earlier than they do now.

Kind regards,
(since 16.07.2010) *First, middle and last name*

Es gibt auch einen Arzt, der sich gegen die Klassifikation von Transsexualität als psychische Störung ausspricht: Der schweizer Psychiater und Psychotherapeut Horst-J. Haupt.

TransHealth – Transsexualität ist gesund


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